I finally did it.

With the push of a friend, I finally did it.

I came out to my mom. Honestly, didn’t know if I could do it. I was internally freaking out. that feeling of stage fright? I had it. My heart was beating so fast, I felt woozy. I had to sit down on the floor. Honestly. I mean, I was so scared I did it through phone. I did it knowing that my brother was there to deal with the aftermath if things turned bad. I had this all planned out, expecting the worst.

Which turned out to be ridiculous.

I finally blurted it out, “I’m gay.”

Her words? Her EXACT words?

"Oh, I know."

JESUS. What is with my family? Taking the whole drama out of it. Letting me worry and stress over something that ends up being no big deal.

I love my family. So much. And yes, I know I am extremely lucky.

Now, when I go home, it’ll be time to tell my dad. It may be difficult. I think it will… he acts so tough but underneath that rough exterior is an emotional marshmallow.

But then again, all my past experiences with coming out have been easy. No pain.

And for that, I want to say to every single one of my friends, I fucking love you. I fucking love you for letting me be me and accepting it. Doing more than that, it just IS to you. No biggie. Like me having green eyes or having a cleft chin.

So, again….. I love you guys.